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Welcome to SAISMUN V, 2023!

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Delegates, Chairs, Directors, teachers, and guests,


Welcome to SAISMUN V, our fifth annual conference here Stamford American International School. It has taken the combined efforts of our Executive Team, our Director Ms. Leonardis, our countless student and teacher volunteers, the AV and facilities team and our Head of Student Activities, Mr. Diallo, to put this event together, and I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of these people for what they have helped us achieve.


The world, as always, is in the midst of conflict. A civil war in Sudan, confrontations in the South China Sea and the first war in Europe since World War II are all developing day-by-day. Division and opposition is tearing the fabrics of transnational cooperation apart, and leaving the international community weak and indecisive in the face of the mounting challenges posed by global warming, the development of AI and the continued exploration of our universe. Countries within the United Nations must find strength in unity to face these obstacles.


It is therefore truly beautiful to see all delegates coming to our school from all across Singapore to unite the world in these times of uncertainty. Individually, I am sure that all participants are strong and capable delegates. But we will become unimaginably stronger when we unite our efforts towards solving the world’s most pressing problems.


I hope you all enjoy this conference, and make new connections to delegates from near and far. Whether this is your first time at an MUN conference or one of many, I am sure that you will enjoy and grow from this experience. I thank you for coming, and wish for you all fruitful and constructive debate.


Warm Regards,

Elias Egermark,



Elias Egermark

Title: Secretary-General


Sarah Leonardis,

Title: Head of SAISMUN 


Stamford American International School

1 Woodleigh Lane

Singapore 357684

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