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The theme for SAISMUN 2022 is...

Collaboration at Times of Crises to Enforce the Unification of a Common Humanity

As nations continue to scour their progresses, they inadvertently also birth rifts and conflicts as they continue to preserve the distance they have, whether it be humanely, socio-economically, or politically. It was at this precession of international dissension that the United Nations was founded 1945, but even after almost eight decades and massive progress, our ever-changing world chooses us to isolate ourselves, whether it be a representation of a national isolation, or even an isolation growing amongst the people. 

Relations between nations have become increasingly tense as terrorism and disputes begin to change course of a nation. International relations are at an all strenuous rise between P5 Nations as well as numerous others situated throughout the world. Even within nations themselves, the condemnation of discrimination has left the world and its people on the edge, waiting to see what progress will nations do to defend their own. It is at times like these we must acknowledge our past and remember the importance and progress that has occurred from the strive of a peaceful collaboration. Even against tension from crises, for the sake of humanity and her people, it’s important to maintain such concord.

    Not only must we acknowledge and learn from the past, it is important to embrace the present and strive for a better future. It’s important to recognise that although nations can and will grow independently, instead of condemning that progress, there should be a redirected step to acknowledge personal growth and see what incentive it places in future talks and endeavours. The embracement of core values such as collaboration and acceptance, as well as the maintenance of them, is something required at times like these, in order for everyday Earth to progress beneficially for years to come.

Breaking down the conference theme

The theme for this year’s conference is “Collaborating at Times of Crises to Enforce the Unification of a Common Humanity”. As political, economical, and humanitarian crises emerge at unprecedented times, an unceasing engender is the lack of collaboration between nations, prolonging and adding criticality to such circumstances. Whilst such matters become ever present, us, as nations, are in need of collaboration to effectively implement solutions to such issues, whether it be combating illicit organ trafficking, strengthening international jurisdiction, or even addressing the implications of race relations towards minorities as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts countries worldwide. At this time it is required that we work with one another, in focus on such crises, so that they can be averted and alleviated, and we can continue to develop as a society for a liberating, sustainable future.

With that being said, SAISMUN will continue to welcome schools from all over the world to further emphasize our philosophy of a united world and promote our message of collaboration. As an international school ourselves, we are committed to expanding our own horizons, as well as those of others. Thus, we place tremendous value on global citizenship and international cooperation.

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SAISMUN III, 2021 Promo Video

SAISMUN III, 2021 Promo Video

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