February 7th TO 9th, 2020



1 Woodleigh Lane

(off Upper Serangoon Road) 357684, Singapore


Akhil Venkatesh, SAISMUN Secretary-General: 

(for all general queries to the Secretariat)

Rohan Patil, SAISMUN Conference Manager: 

(for all general queries to the Secretariat)

Mr. Stephen George, SAISMUN Director:


Nota bene:


Schools may ask for additional spots once the Form II’s are issued if they feel that they have not received a sufficient amount of spots. Although we will try to accommodate all requests, we cannot give any guarantees that they will be entertained.


Once Form II’s are due, schools will be unable to make any changes, and they will be billed through the Form III as per what has been indicated in the finalized version of the Form II.


Prior to the conference, logistics information will be sent out to all international schools in regards to transport (busing to and from the conference venue) as well as hotels. Please note that SAIS will not cover any flight logistics and most definitely not any payment matters for these facilities.

Should you have any questions in regards to any of the Form submissions or wish to clear up any doubts, please email the SAISMUN Secretariat at!


The fee will be an amount of 110 SGD. This fee applies to all directors, delegates and chairs attending. This is an all inclusive fee that covers lunch, snacks and all other amenities.

Invoices will be issued shortly after your Form II has been received.

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