The Stamford American Model United Nations is a fully student-run club that was founded in 2014 by our former Secretary-General, Adam McMahon. As of 2020, under the supervision of Akhil Venkatesh, our incumbent Secretary-General, we have over 90 delegates who regularly attend training sessions, mock debates and conferences. Model United Nations is Stamford's largest CCA. Our diverse age group, that ranges from 4th to 12th grade, provides different experience levels across the club - starting all the way from complete novices to those that are highly advanced. Our more advanced delegates consist of those who have been in the JCC (Joint Crisis Committee), ICC (International Criminal Court) and ICJ (International Court of Justice) at conferences, or who have held positions as Chairs/Presidents in committees. 


Located in Singapore, we regularly attend prestigious conferences all across the globe such as THIMUN The Hague (The Netherlands), SAIMUN (Dublin), BEIMUN (Beijing), and many more! We also attend a number of local conferences in Singapore such as THIMUN Singapore, MUNOFS, MY-MUNOFS, SIMUN, MUN4C, TMUN and UWCMUN. Being a SEASAC member school, we attend the annual SEASACMUN conference which shifts around the region each year.

Membership can be acquired through the Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) signups at the beginning of each quarter via the myStamford portal. Or, alternatively through applying at one of the weekly Wednesday meetings held in A5-01 and A5-18.


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