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United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime: Summary

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime saw an engaging debate between delegates regarding topic 2, which is “Curtailing the Production and Distribution of Counterfeit Prescription Medications''. Counterfeit medications pose a massive health hazard, especially for vulnerable groups residing in developing countries as 50% of counterfeit medication is made there.

One resolution to solve the issue hand in particular that was main-submitted by the delegate of Philippines, and co-submitted by the delegates of Russia, Australia, Czech Republic, North Korea, Djibouti aimed to create the NECOPADMAC (Network for Ensuring the Curtailing Of Packaging And Distribution on Medications that Are Counterfeit). NECOPADMAC strives to release biannual reports to ensure transparency within the global community. Alongside non-governmental organizations to collaborate and share information regarding suspected trafficking routes, brokering activities, and on decreasing accumulation and misuse of counterfeit prescription medications as well. Moreover, NECOPADMAC will facilitate the creation of SCFMOD (Spectrometer Chemical Framework Of Medicines Database) which cross-checks the chemical substance to guarantee verification. Due to these outstanding clauses and amendments made by delegates, this resolution has been passed!

We look forward to hearing delegates discuss and solve issues for topics 1 and 3! Stay tuned for more!


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