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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Summary

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is currently participating in the Model UN “Refugee Challenge”! This challenge requires the resolutions emerged from these debates to be put before a jury composed of UNHCR members, young refugee leaders and independent experts. Awards will be announced in 2021. The best ideas will be shared with policymakers and be promoted on UNHCR’s social media channels, which are followed by millions of people.

The second day of debate brought upon absorbing conversations as the delegates of UNHCR discussed potential solutions to solve the problem of “Protecting the rights of refugee women” which is Topic 1. This topic touches upon the sexual violence and discrimination refugee women experience which it is up to UNHCR to respond on what stance will nations take to benefit refugee women.

Amid debate on day 2, a resolution was proposed by the delegates of Israel, Bhutan, Yemen, Thailand, Mexico, Myanmar, Indonesia and Kingdom of Spain. The resolution acknowledges the problematic predicament that it is through detailed ideas and solutions on preventing sexual violence and inequity. So far, some co-submitters have advocated for their resolution through their speeches as well as other delegations support such as the delegate of Pakistan and the delegate of UNHCR.

Currently, the committee is still debating on this predominant issue and we can’t wait to see the results! Stay tuned for more!


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