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Special Conference: Covid-19: Summary

Special Conference: COVID-19 during the first day of debate had a very entertaining discussion on topic 1 which is, “Empowering vulnerable groups through increased social stability”. An amendment was submitted by the delegate of Singapore to replace “women'' to “frontline workers” in the preambulatory clause, such that the preamble was modified to “Deeply conceded that frontline workers are at a higher risk of infection to the virus due to over-representation in public areas where they serve and work” in the proposed resolution. This provoked one delegate to why the preamble initially stated that “women” are more susceptible to catching the virus. He insisted that statistically speaking, men are more vulnerable and fatal to the virus and then proceeded to argue why the clause was gender specific to women. He questioned “Why is it that this clause only focuses on women and not on all genders including those who are LGBTQ+?”

Alongside this delegate’s contradiction, the delegate of India also spoke strongly against the resolution as a whole that was proposed by the delegates of Mexico, Philippines, Poland and Turkey. She made a speech specifying “It is unspecific and many of the solutions would not work efficiently enough or potentially further spread the virus”. She identified that a sub clause in clause 9 was a bad example as it would increase the risk of spreading the virus especially between vulnerable groups. She pointed out that a subclause in clause 1 would have “No use to people and would only cause extra costs for the government.”, and she emphasized that it was vague and that “Many parts of this resolution do not make sense”

This definitely stirred up some intense conflict during day 1 of debate! Nevertheless, the resolution passed and the committee proceeded further into topics 1 and 3.

SAISMUN is excited to witness more spirited debates in the Special Conference: COVID-19!


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