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SAISMUN 2019 Day 2

Dear Delegates,

The inaugural SAISMUN 2019 conference has now elapsed. The Secretariat would like to thank all delegates, directors, student officers, and guests for attending this year, and we earnestly await your support for future conferences.

The conference ended on a lasting high. Both committees showed true resilience in the face of conflict and crises, and displayed a stirring show of passion and participation in debate. The General Assembly clocked in at 300 total speeches, amendments and POIs — an achievement to be taken note of, while Hybrid managed a truly outstanding 393 speeches, amendments and POO’s in its inaugural session at the conference. The General Assembly also hosted a crisis, where Deputy Chair Alson Wong and three other delegates were taken hostage by the Colombian drug cartel. The committee worked tirelessly for an hour over the estimated time taken to solve the crisis due to their commitment and vigour towards finding a solution.

On another note, “The Search For Justice In A Developing World” - the theme for this conference came to be seen through these two days. The right to privacy, an issue that is plaguing millions of people shone through. As the world becomes a global network of connections, protection of privacy is a crucial issue that must be discussed to allow for safer online surfing to protect from scams, and international phishing. The Question of Genetic Modification, also a threat to agricultural safety and health and well-being exuded the theme as well. As the world develops, technology does so with it. The usage of Genetic Modification must be one to be controlled, and one must ensure that justice is served to those who abuse it. The same can idea can be applied to the Conflict in Kashmir, wherein the Kashmiri people are yearning for justice to be served. The closing ceremony of this year’s conference included remarks from Conference Manager Rohan Patil, Head Chairs Afiq Aqlan and Annabelle Yiu, as well as a closing address from our Secretary-Generals, Akhil Venkatesh and Mark McMahon. The conference ended its two-day run on a positive note, paving the way for future conferences at Stamford American International School. In the words of Dr. Ocki Fernandes, our High School Principal, “(We) would like to see this become a THIMUN-affiliated conference”. Thank you for attending this year, and we look forward to welcoming all of you for subsequent editions of SAISMUN, as well as sharing with you more that the MUN community has to offer, in the future.

Signing off,

The SAISMUN 2019 Press Corps

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