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April 14, 2019

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Welcome to SAISMUN 2020! Stamford American International School will be hosting its very own, standalone conference "SAISMUN" for the second time ever! Our website contains useful information for registration, research, conference details, committee info and more. Click below to read the welcome letter and view the conference contact details. Or, just keep scrolling to learn more about this year's theme and some useful parts of this website...

The theme for SAISMUN 2020 is...

Seeking the Resurgence of a United World in an Era of Isolationism

The world as we know it today, is an amalgam of ever-increasing populations, developing countries, technological breakthroughs, and rising governmental powers. As nations become increasingly self-reliant and independent, they seek a more individualistic existence amongst others, which desire the same. That same sense of self-sufficiency is what makes countries so dearly vulnerable on their own to outside threats, which are appearing to gain momentum and power by the week. As transnational organized crime groups continue to join ever more complex networks spanning the globe, the atrocities which they commit become increasingly harmful.


Domestic and international terrorism is on a global rise, with a plethora of racial extremist groups becoming prominent mentions in news headlines worldwide. A scour over the worldwide web leaves one with news of impending climate change, that may drastically and negatively affect the course of humanity as we know it within the next two decades. Conflicts continue to rage on in the Middle East, and with the relations between three of the world’s greatest powers — the United States, China, and Russia souring, we find ourselves less prepared to deal with such massive global events in this era of isolationism, ushered in at the turn of the past decade.


What we need in this new world of self-relying, successful nations, is a worldwide sense of unity and a resurgence of positive diplomacy and alliances between countries. Together, we must stand as one United Earth, battling for the triumph of good over evil. We have remained together, even after the worst of global conflicts. It seems as if though the time is right to join forces collectively, and work as a United World to improve the quality of life on Earth for not only the current generation, but for future generations of the human race.

Sunder, we must not.


With a plethora of MUN conferences being held around the world, one might come to the question:



SAISMUN had its humble beginnings and was founded on the core beliefs of opportunity, and ingenuity:

SAISMUN will feature a variety of committees - ranging from novice to intermediate to advanced - with familiar and unfamiliar, new ones. It will also warmly welcome both local and international schools within Singapore and abroad, to truly encapsulate the meaning of internationalism and allow local schools and international schools to participate with one another (something that is quite rarely seen due to two separate circuits within Singapore). The conference will also feature smaller committee sizes to enable delegates to participate more, and provide greater opportunities for speaking. SAISMUN will bring many surprises that a delegate may not have seen in other conferences - one being PolActs (sign up today to find out what the other surprises are). In an effort to build bridges - whether they are between local and international schools, or age groups, we hope to remain an inclusive conference for all - experienced or not. 

Breaking down the conference theme

The theme of the conference "Seeking the Resurgence of a United World in and Era of Isolationism" was adopted on the basis that today, as nations continue to isolate themselves from each other and strive for greater independence, what is truly required to solve pressing issues worldwide, is a coordinated international response. As humanity continues to sunder itself, we must band together and fight towards a common goal. Whether it be combating transnational organized crime, or climate change - we must work together, as a united world, to overcome the dangers of today in order to continue to prosper and mould a greater quality of life for future generations.


It is with the same idea in mind that we have decided to expand SAISMUN into an international conference. We hope to welcome schools from all over the world to further emphasize our idea of a united world and promote our message of internationalism. As an international school, we are committed to expanding our own horizons, as well as those of others. Thus, we place a tremendous amount of value on global citizenship and international cooperation.

View the promotional video above for a sneak peek into SAISMUN!



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